our story

Our founder, Kate Blazar, is passionate about two things: 1) adventuring outdoors, and 2) empowering women.

Before embarking on the Animosa (ad)venture, Kate served as the executive director of an environmental advocacy organization- and that's where she met Jessica Southwick.

 Jessica was an all-star volunteer for the organization, not to mention an archetypal Adventurous Woman.  So when Kate started thinking about who would be an ideal partner in starting Animosa, Jessica was the first woman to come to mind.

Kate and Jessica discussed the vision for Animosa, Jessica quit her job, and the rest is... well, just starting.



Animosa women

Kate Blazar, Founder

Born and raised in a log house in the woods of Washington's Olympic Peninsula, Kate has spent most of her life outdoors and traveling.  She earned her MBA from the University of Oregon, a Professional Certificate in Outdoor Industry Management from Portland State University, and a Bachelor's degree in Geology and Environmental Studies from Whitman College. 

Favorite ways to explore:  stand-up paddling, whitewater rafting, downhill skiing, canoe camping, outdoor cooking

Favorite places she's explored:  Argentina, the Gobi Desert, the Grand Canyon, Alaska, Morocco, the Osa Peninsula


Jessica Southwick, Co-Founder

Hailing from the heartland (Oklahoma), Jessica went west for college and fell in love with the mountains, rivers, and ocean of the Pacific Northwest.  She earned two undergraduate degrees at Central Washington University and previously worked in organic agriculture, first as a farmer and then as an organic certifier.

Favorite ways to explore:  hiking with her dogs, sailing, camping, lazy river floating

Favorite places she's explored:  New Zealand, Cape Flattery, the Oregon Coast, Switzerland, Joshua Tree


Claire Filgate, production manager

A true Oregonian, Claire grew up in Eugene and attended University of Oregon, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Fiber Arts.  

Favorite ways to explore:  outdoor yoga, bicycle touring, thru-hiking



eleanor, tiny traveling store

Favorite ways to explore:  camping, road trips, sunbathing at the beach

Favorite places she's explored:  the Columbia Gorge, the Oregon Coast, the Elliott State Forest, the Redwoods, the Central Oregon Cascades (she's young and inexperienced but she has many adventures planned- undoubtedly her list of favorite places will change over time)