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Whether you’re squatting to pee outside or using a bathroom without toilet paper, these cloth wipes put an end to uncomfortable dampness down there.

P* off cloths snap closed and fit in your pocket.

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Each set includes:

  • 3 cloth wipes –1 black, 1 gray, 1 maroon– with organic flannel interior, durable waterproof exterior, and secure hang loop

  • 1 moisture-wicking mesh bag for discreet carrying and fast drying

  • 1 mini carabiner for hanging wipes from backpacks


Why should you use P* Off Cloths?

  • No more drip drying, dampness, or smelliness after peeing

  • More absorbent and less irritating than leaves or moss

  • Easy to leave no trace

  • Less bulky than toilet paper or a bandana- they fit in a pocket!

  • Organic flannel inside means no toxins touch your hoo-ha

  • Durable waterproof outside keeps your hands dry when you wipe

  • Snap closure prevents pee from getting on anything else