Introducing...Go With Your Flow!

Animosa’s first product tackles a real problem familiar to many women: what do you do with tampons and pads when you’re outdoors or traveling and there’s no waste bin? We know from our own personal #MenstrualMisadventures that when you’re out of your element (and sometimes even when you aren't) handling your period can be messy, confusing, or just downright annoying. That’s about to change.

After more than a year of development and testing, we are thrilled to finally unveil the Go With Your Flow Pack, an all-in-one kit for managing menstrual hygiene anytime, anywhere.  

The Go With Your Flow Pack is designed to carry your period supplies (tampons, pads, menstrual cup, liners, whatever you prefer) and help you stay clean.  But most importantly, it has an integrated disposal system so you can stash your menstrual trash.

The pack comes in two sizes:

  • The Mini is designed for day trips and accommodates up to 3 disposals.  

  • The Clutch is made for longer, multi-day trips, and holds up to 10 disposals.

Going on a day hike?  Mini.  Going on a multi-day river trip?  Clutch.  Multi-day river trip with day hikes along the way?  Both:  Mini in your daypack, Clutch with your camping gear, and you’re set.

Of course hikes and river trips aren’t the only times to Go With Your Flow.  Here are a few other places we’ve used our packs:

  • Traveling in developing countries

  • On road trips

  • At festivals (and races, and anywhere with outhouses)

  • In a tent  (think changing your tampon in the middle of the night when you’re camping)

  • At the beach

  • Skiing in the backcountry

  • On a boat

  • At a bachelor’s apartment (seriously though, no trash can in the bathroom?!?!)

You get the idea.  Whether you’re planning every detail of a 30-day wilderness canoe trip or your period shows up two days early as you’re headed to the beach with a group of friends, you don’t need to worry.  The Go With Your Flow pack has you covered.

In the coming days and weeks we’ll share lots of pictures of the Go With Your Flow pack and detailed descriptions of how it works.  And you’ll be able to pre-order the Go With Your Flow pack when our Kickstarter launches next month!

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Kate BlazarComment