Menstrual Manifesto

*UPDATE* February 27, 2017:  While Animosa's main mission is to empower ANYONE who identifies as female, we also fully support the rights and dignity of ANYONE who bleeds. To quote our friends at Rosie,

"Transgender men and nonbinary people are often excluded from discussions relating to menstrual health. Menstruation is not just a women's issue."

We have updated the Manifesto to make our commitment to inclusivity and equality more explicit. Specifically, we have replaced the words "girl" and "woman" with "one who menstruates"  -- reflecting the language change that Animosa and Rosie hope to see in the Menstrual Equity Act for All of 2017 -- in order to truly make this much-needed legislation "for All."


Super Uterus is here - and so is our MENSTRUAL MANIFESTO!

If posters aren't your thing, keep scrolling for the text version.

Menstrual Manifesto

We, the women of ANIMOSA, are committed to empowering our fellow females to explore, freely and fearlessly. We want to ignite and encourage that adventurous spark that inspires them to try something different, to go the extra mile, to travel, trek, hike, bike, climb, camp, ride, dive, surf, ski, run and wander through wild and unfamiliar places, near and far from home.

But sadly, even now, many of us face a source of embarrassment and inequity in our daily lives and our adventures: our periods.

This is not right.

Periods are personal, but they should not be shunned into isolating secrecy. We don’t all experience them the same way, but at the end of the day, they are natural and normal. We should be able to discuss and deal with them as we see fit. And so, with this Menstrual Manifesto, we declare what the period should be:


No one who menstruates should be ashamed to talk about their period, to seek advice or help, or feel that their menstrual cycle is something to hide or struggle through alone. No more hiding tampons and pads on a bathroom trip, no more cutesy, innuendo-filled period ads, no more euphemisms for monthly bleeding (unless you want to keep “Aunt Flo” around, but only because that’s your own damn choice).


No one who menstruates should be excluded, dismissed, or treated unfairly because they bleeds (see above, re: natural and normal). Nothing, especially not our biological, hu-woman-ly selves, can be an excuse for treating us as anything less than the people we are. Missing school to bleed at home, like we have some monthly, contractible illness, is not acceptable. Disregarding our voices and opinions with rolled eyes and sly remarks like, “must be that time of the month,” is also unacceptable. Period.


No one who menstruates should feel that the realities of dealing with their period--getting proper supplies, disposing of used products appropriately, maintaining healthy feminine hygiene--are insurmountable obstacles keeping them from doing what they want--at work, at school, on their travels and adventures. Everyone who menstruates should have access to sanitary products and the resources to stay healthy and clean during menstruation (and anytime, really).

The mission described in this Menstrual Manifesto is a tall order, and our company alone does not have the means or womanpower to achieve it.  It will take education, awareness, open-mindedness, acceptance--in short, a seismic attitude shift. It will take time, it will take effort, it will take patience, but Animosa is proud to join the crimson tide of change.

Animosa seeks to empower all people who identify as women, period or no period.

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