Standing in Solidarity

The headline made my heart swell with excitement:  “Outdoor Retailer is leaving Utah over public lands issues.”  

Outdoor Retailer (OR) is THE trade show of the outdoor gear and apparel industry.  The move is prompted by several major outdoor companies, including Patagonia and REI, taking a stand against Utah’s recent attacks on public lands.  

This kind of business leadership makes me excited to be part of the outdoor industry, and it mirrors part of my motivation for founding Animosa:  I believe business can be a powerful tool for doing good and a catalyst for change.  

Given the current state of U.S. politics, more than ever we must speak out and stand up.  

I have a long and varied history of advocating for public lands.  I currently serve on the board of an environmental organization focused on public land protection, and I previously led another nonprofit with a similar mission.  I’ve organized rallies, built coalitions, and written my elected representatives.  I’ve even engaged in civil disobedience:  inspired by the likes of Thoreau and Dr. King, I have sat in peaceful protest and been arrested in an effort to raise awareness about public land threats.

All this is to say that I applaud the outdoor companies that took action in defense of public lands.  Animosa stands with you in solidarity.  

Kate Blazar3 Comments