Which size is right for you?


the mini

The Mini pack is designed for day use:  it holds up to 3 disposals.*  The Mini is perfect for short hikes, use in portable toilets (festivals! races!), afternoons at the beach, and day excursions while traveling in faraway places.  The Mini includes:

  • a Mini case
  • a small disposal pouch
  • 3 biofilm disposal bags
  • 3 personal wipes

Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 1.25"

Weight: 1.5 oz (empty), 2.2 oz (with 3 wipes, 3 bags)

the Clutch

The Clutch pack is designed for multi-day use:  it holds up to 12 disposals.*  The Clutch is perfect for camping, backpacking or trekking, long river trips, and travel in places without waste facilities.  The Clutch includes:

  • a Clutch case
  • a large disposal pouch
  • 12 biofilm disposal bags
  • 12 personal wipes

Dimensions: 5.5" x 8" x 1.5"

Weight: 2.5 oz (empty), 4.6 oz (with 10 wipes, 10 bags)


the adventure

The Adventure Pack includes a Mini and a Clutch, so you'll be ready for any adventure.  



The Refill Pack includes 12 wipes and 12 biofilm disposal bags.


* Disposal capacity depends on the size and bulk of your period products (tampons without applicators take up far less space than extra-long super absorbency pads!)




carrying Case

• Made from durable, waterproof, bonded 3-layer fabric (air textured nylon, waterproof membrane, and ultra-lite tricot mesh) and UV-, rot-, and abrasion-resistant thread

• Made in Oregon (USA) by Animosa


personal wipes

• Hypoallergenic and pH-balanced for use during menstruation

• Cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and paraben/SLS/phthalate-free formula

• Made from Rainforest Alliance and FSC-certified materials

• Made in California (USA) using solar energy at a women-owned, women-led factory


biofilm disposal bags

• Biofilm made from renewable, 100% non-GMO plant materials (no palm oil)

• Biodegradable and compostable (but bags should never be left or buried in the outdoors- please Leave No Trace!)

• Biofilm contains odors by blocking scent molecules

• Unique design allows for two different methods of use: 

  • With the “clean hand method,” the baggie acts like a hand puppet, allowing you remove your tampon and pick up menstrual waste without soiling your fingers.  This method also makes it easy to put a rolled-up pad into the bag without the sticky side getting stuck on the way in.  
  • With the “simple method,” waste is dropped into the bag and sealed up.  

• Made by MaskIT, a woman-owned, woman-led company in Ashland, Oregon (USA)

disposal pouches- tapered.jpg

disposal pouch

• Made from ultra-tough, durable, waterproof coated polyester and a laminated, water-repellent zipper with inverted coils

• Non-porous materials contain leaks and odors

• Made in Eugene, Oregon (USA) 



How do I clean my Go With Your Flow pack?

The outer case of your pack can be hand or machine washed in cold water.  Hang inside-out to dry.

The zippered disposal pouch can be hand washed with soap and water or wiped clean with a damp cloth.  To dry, wipe with dry cloth then hang, unzipped.

Do not use bleach or other harsh cleaners.


I use a menstrual cup.  Does it work with the Go With Your Flow pack?

Definitely- quite a few women have told us the Flow pack is really helpful when it's time to remove, empty, clean, and reinsert a cup. 

When you don't have toilet paper or a bathroom sink readily available, clean yourself with the Flow pack's wipes (and in the absence of a waste bin, dispose of them within the pack).  

Fill our leak-proof wash bottle (COMING SOON!) with water (fill it in advance, or fill on the go with your water bottle)  and use it for rinsing your cup and hands.  The wash bottle fits perfectly in either size of the Flow pack. 

We will soon also offer organic hand sanitizer spray that fits in either pack size.

Keep your menstrual cup, wash bottle, hand sanitizer, and any other menstrual products you use clean, organized, and accessible by storing them together in a Flow pack.  


You claim to be a company concerned about sustainability.  Why are your wipes individually wrapped in non-recyclable packaging? 

The simple answer:  this is a challenge we're trying to figure out.  

Women told us they want wipes for cleaning up (and they're a lifesaver when you don't have toilet paper readily available).   We carefully evaluated wipe material options, and ultimately selected the most sustainably-produced wipe material we could find.  The wipe itself is Rainforest Alliance and FSC certified, and it meets international standards for compostability.

Unfortunately, the wipes' packaging it not compostable or recyclable. We explored packaging and containers that hold multiple wipes, but most of these options leak and dry out the wipes. The multi-wipe containers that are less likely to leak have a hard plastic "lid" that can't be recycled, and ultimately has a greater environmental footprint than the individual wrappers on our wipes.  

If you have ideas or thoughts on ways we can improve our wipes and reduce our environmental footprint, we would LOVE to hear from you!  Please send us an email at hello@animosa.co.  


Questions about Go With Your Flow?  We're here to help!  Email us at hello@animosa.co, send us a message on Facebook, or use our contact form.