HOW does it work?

It has a 2-step disposal system.

1. Used period products (applicators, wrappers, tampons, pads and wipes) go in a baggie...

...and the baggie seals into a nice little bundle.

2. The baggie goes in the disposal pouch...

  • durable, puncture-resistant material
  • odor-containing, non-porous coating
  • moisture-containing, poly-laminated zipper

... but the disposal pouch can stay inside the pack - no need to pull it out to put sealed baggies inside:

When you have access to a waste bin, remove the disposal pouch to easily empty its contents– without spilling everything else in your pack!


It comes in two sizes:

The Mini is designed for day use.

It holds 1 - 3 disposals, depending on the size of the products you use (tampons without applicators take up far less space than super-absorbency pads!).


The Clutch is for longer, multi-day trips.

It holds up to 12 disposals, depending on your products. You can also get extra Clutch disposal pouches to increase your pack’s disposal capacity as needed.