WHY Go With Your Flow?

Picture this: you're about to go somewhere awesome and do something awesomer, but the bathroom situation will be less than optimal or there will be #NoWasteBin. And, you'll be on your period. Let's review your options:

  1. Flush your used tampons or pads in that sub-prime toilet or port-o-potty, or bury it outdoors. But that's bad for a number of environmental and common-courtesy reasons.  
  2. Bring a DIY kit of various parts to pack out your menstrual waste responsibly. BUT these things can be a hassle to put together, and may not be totally smell or leak-proof.
  3. Skip out on that awesome thing you had planned until your period is over. Noooooooo!

(Learn more about these options and play our Period + No Waste Bin game!)

Or, you could Go With Your Flow, and take along the only complete, mess-free, hassle-free, worry-free solution for managing your period while adventuring.