Animosa Announces Donation Drive for Menstrual Supplies

EUGENE, OR – Today Animosa, an all-women startup making adventure gear for women, launched the Other Blood Drive in partnership with six other local women-owned businesses.  The drive aims to collect donated menstrual supplies for Womenspace shelters and encourage donations to Rosie Center, a menstrual health nonprofit that serves local shelters.

“When donating to shelters, many people forget about menstrual supplies,” said Kate Blazar, Animosa founder and CEO.  “We wanted to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day by partnering with local women-owned businesses to collect donations and raise awareness about the need for menstrual supplies.”

Business partners supporting the Other Blood Drive include Good Clean Love, Sweet Life Patisserie, Friendly Street Market, Bloom, As You Like It, and Threadbare.  

“It’s exciting to partner with other women-led companies to support local causes and our community,” said Blazar, “and it really fits with Animosa’s mantra: empowered women empower women.”

The Other Blood Drive runs through March 18.  Bins for donating tampons, pads, menstrual cups, and other period supplies are located at the following Eugene locations:  Sweet Life Patisserie (755 Monroe St), As You Like It (1655 W 11th Ave), Threadbare (445 Lincoln St), and Friendly Street Market (2757 Friendly St).  Online donations can be made at  

More information about the drive is available at

About Animosa

Animosa is a startup brand of outdoor and adventure travel gear for women.  Animosa’s first product is the Go With Your Flow pack, a kit for managing menstrual hygiene and storing used period products in the outdoors, while traveling, or anywhere without a waste bin.  Learn more at and