Go With Your Flow packs make adventuring on your period mess-free and stress-free.

The sanitary disposal system makes it easy to handle used period supplies when you're outdoors or anywhere without a waste bin.

Keep your period supplies accessible with the pack's organizing pockets, clean up with the included period wipes, and hygienically store your used tampons, pads, wipes, and other period supplies.



Mini or Clutch Case

Carrying case made from durable, light, waterproof fabric.  

Interior pockets keep supplies organized.

Period Wipes

Hypoallergenic wipes are pH-balanced for use during menstruation and individually wrapped to maintain freshness.

  • cruelty-free
  • FSC/Rainforest Alliance certified
  • paraben/SLS/phthalate-free
  • no added fragrance

Included in Flow packs and sold separately.

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Biofilm Disposal Bags

Sealable bags hold used period supplies and wipes.

  • certified compostable biofilm
  • made from 100% non-GMO renewable plant materials (petroleum-free)
  • completely opaque to conceal contents

Included in Flow packs and sold separately.

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Storage Pouch

Small or large pouch holds filled biofilm disposal bags.

  • durable, coated, waterproof fabric
  • sealing zipper
  • removable for easy emptying, optional for ultralight adventures
  • The Mini: for day trips

    The Mini is perfect for short hikes, use in portable toilets (festivals! races!), afternoons of paddling or climbing, and day excursions while traveling in faraway places.  The Mini includes:

    • a Mini case
    • a small storage pouch
    • 3 disposal bags
    • 3 period wipes

    Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 1.25"

  • The Clutch: for longer trips

    The Clutch is perfect for camping, backpacking, long river trips, and travel in places without accessible waste facilities.  The Clutch includes:

    • a Clutch case
    • a large storage pouch
    • 12 disposal bags
    • 12 period wipes

    Dimensions: 5.5" x 8" x 1.5"

  • The Adventure

    A Mini pack and a Clutch pack, so you'll be ready for any adventure.

  • STORE YOUR FRESH PERIOD SUPPLIES in the pack's large pocket

  • CLEAN UP with a period wipe

  • PUT USED SUPPLIES in a disposal bag and SEAL

    Yes, we used red in this graphic. Because period blood is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • STORE FILLED DISPOSAL BAGS in the storage pouch

    Or skip the pouch and store directly in the Flow pack
  • EMPTY FILLED DISPOSAL BAGS when you have access to a waste bin

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  • It's Easy

    With the Flow pack, you never have to worry about how to dispose of used period supplies.  The pack works with all types of period products, from tampons and pads to menstrual cups, so you can use your preferred products.  The pack's design is elegant in its simplicity- it's intuitive, straightforward, and convenient. 

  • It's Clean

    The pack keeps used and unused supplies completely separate. It includes wipes so you can clean up even without toilet paper or a bathroom sink.  The disposal system offers a sanitary way to store menstrual waste (blood needs to be handled properly to avoid health hazards).

  • It's Discreet

    We're not shy about our periods, but we don't really want to showcase our menstrual waste.  The pack's opaque disposal bags completely conceal waste and the storage pouch adds a layer of protection from odors and leaks, making sure your period stays contained.

  • It's Green

    Period products don't biodegrade and they attract critters, so they should never be buried or left outside.  With the Flow pack, you can easily pack out your trash and leave no trace.

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