Animosa is a women-led, women-owned startup headquartered in Eugene, Oregon.

What matters to us

Animosa exists to empower women– in adventuring, at work, and in life.  Yes, "empowerment" is an overused buzz word. Nevertheless, it succinctly encapsulates the intention behind Animosa.

"Empowerment" inspires our products, informs our communications, and weighs into every business decision. It is why we believe that adventuring should be accessible and welcoming to all.  It means we won't compromise our integrity or lower our standards for the sake of profit.  It means being transparent about how and where we do business.  And it means supporting nonprofits and partnering with causes that empower women.  

Made with integrity

From the materials and suppliers we choose and where our products are made, to how our products are designed and manufactured, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of sustainability, social responsibility, quality, and transparency.  We try to make gear that will last a lifetime, but in case it doesn't we'll gladly replace or repair it.