No toilet paper? No problem.

Our pocket-sized pee cloths make it easy to leave no trace. No more drip drying, no carrying bulky toilet paper, and no improvising with moss or leaves.


WIPE: with absorbent side

SNAP: stash in pocket or clip to backpack

WASH: rinse and reuse while adventuring. Machine or hand wash at home. Hang to dry.


Pocket-sized Portability

Sized for maximum versatility: small enough to fit in a pocket, large enough to work perfectly as a wipe.

Convenient + Versatile

Stash in your coat pocket, backpack, car, waist pack, purse... or anywhere they might come in handy. Perfect for hiking, camping, travel, road trips, festivals, river trips, study abroad... you name it!


Triple-layer cotton fabric is engineered with textured dimples to absorb moisture instantly, leaving you clean and dry as you wipe. Cotton is naturally hydrophilic and more absorbent than synthetic materials like polyester or fleece.

Antimicrobial + Nontoxic

Certified organic cotton fabric is infused with naturally antimicrobial silver ions (no nanoparticles).

Both layers of fabric are 100% PFAS-free, PFOA-free, BPA-free, and dioxin-free.

Made in the USA by ANIMOSA

We sew our pee cloths in our Pacific Northwest studios using 100% US-made fabrics.

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